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  1. 1.The average home utilizes an average of  $2200 per year in energy.

  2. 2.The pie chart at right shows that heating and cooling make up 46% of energy usage.

  1. 3. A great deal of energy loss in residences results from fundamental flaws in its design and/or construction. This means that items can often be corrected to give energy savings.

  1. 4.An efficient or high-performing residence will be healthier, cost less to operate, be more durable and comfortable.

  1. 5.Performance contracting on existing homes can remediate problems and show heating and cooling fuel savings of between 25% and 45%.

  1. 6.New technology enables builders to construct homes that are inherently more energy efficient.

Six Existing Homes Premises:

Source: Typical House memo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2009 and Typical house_2009_Reference.xls spreadsheet.

Average price of electricity is 11.3 cents per kilo-watt hour. Average price of natural gas is $13.29 per million Btu.

* “Other” represents an array of household products, including stoves, ovens, microwaves, and small appliances like coffee makers and dehumidifiers.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


  1.    Home Energy Analysis/Audit

  2.    Home Energy Renovations

  3.    Commercial Energy Assessments

  4. Green Building Certification – ENERGYSTAR™, LEED , NAHB GREEN BUILD

  5. Solar consultation and assessments

  6. Proposal and Contract Evaluation

  7. Speakers Bureau – available for civic organizations, churches and school groups.


  1. Homeowner Representation and Contractor Selection Advice

  2. Building construction advisory services

  3. Energy Project Coordination, Administration and Supervision

  4. Business Consulting and Training for Construction / Real Estate Companies

  5. Expert Witness Services

Residential  Energy


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