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NCEP is pleased to offer the green certifications listed below. Certification puts your building on the sustainability map. In addition to ensuring that a building has complied with a level of “above code” requirements, the building will be more energy and water efficient, healthier, have better air quality and be more comfortable to the occupants than its non-certified equivalent. All are similar in many ways, but offer their own individual features. We can help you decide which certification is right for your building.

LEED for Homes
A product of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that is best known for its commercial programs – this program requires that home meet a strict energy, air quality, water management and efficiency and livability linkages to quality.  There are four levels:  Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

This program is offered by the National  of Home Builders Research Center.  Its program focuses on energy conservation, water conservation, Environmental Air Quality, lot design, resource conservation and maintenance.

Builder’s Challenge
This program is design and administered by the Department of Energy and its goal is to produce a super tight, super insulated and renewable energy powered home that will produce as much energy as it uses. This building is called a “Net Zero”.  This is a very bold and aggressive step in the direction of a fossil fuel independent country.

( The oldest and most recognized of the building science programs.  It serves as the energy centerpiece of almost all of the green building certifications.  It requires the modeling of a property and that the criteria of the following tests be met:

  1. The Thermal Bypass checklist grades insulation and confirms a continuous air barrier adjacent to a continuous thermal barrier.

  2. A Blower Door test is performed to measure leakage and infiltration.

  3. A Duct Blast that measures leakage in the duct system.

  4. The collection of all pertinent energy related data.

  5. (i.e. HVAC, radiant barrier, sealed crawl space, etc. )


Advisement Services – we gladly offer consultation on the following:

  1. Building Science

  2. Passive Solar Design

  3. Green Building Techniques

  4. ENERGY STAR® Construction

  5. Renewable Energy Technologies

  6. Energy Code Compliance and Best Construction Practices

Your energy savings start with an assessment – Call today  336-402-4118

  1. HVAC Design and Construction

  2. Weatherization Strategies

  3. Home Performance Contract

  4. Cost/benefit and feasibility analyst

  5. Pre-building energy counseling and representation

  6. High performance building plan reviews

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