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North Carolina Energy Partner’s utilizes a cooperative model when completing energy rehabilitation projects or consulting on new construction in order to maximize the fire power of the project team.  Our network of architects, engineers, HVAC professionals and energy specialists work cohesively with the common goal of delivering high returns for our clients.  Below are the main four areas of concentration for Energy Project Management, but we are always open to tackling new and different challenges.

Commercial–Businesses large and small can benefit greatly from both energy audits/assessments and energy remediation. 
Behavior modification is an inexpensive way to begin controlling energy expenses within the firm.  Tax credits are available to shorten the payback period.  Enterprises should consult their tax advisor for more details.  When it comes to electricity, the list of major loads usually includes air conditioning, water heating, and lighting.  Plug loads are a fast growing energy hog.”

   Schools –According to the USGBC, 20% of America goes to school every day.  Potential savings are tremendous, but budgeting considerations make long term planning a must.  Performance contracting is a good option to consider.  Planning for a massive lighting change-out (33% of power is used by electric lighting) may need to be phased in to allow funding.  Sensible thermostat management goes hand in hand with an inventory and correction of deficient windows.  Water saving devices on all faucets and showers conserve from day one.  Plug loads with computers is another area of great energy waste.

      Municipalities – Municipalities struggle with the desire to go “green” and the costs associated with a large scale energy retrofit. 
NCEP offers low cost methods for administrations to draw a long term plan and ways to engage their citizens.  One popular method is to offer citizens discounted energy audits for homes and businesses.  Setting up a long term monitoring program is a good first step for establishing benchmarks.  We work with cities and towns competing in the NC League of Municipalities.

Congregations - Most congregations can cut energy costs by up to 30% by investing strategically in efficient equipment, facility upgrades, maintenance and behavior modification.
Posing special energy issues because of unique hours of operation, we are experts at making it work.  Working with ENERGY STAR®’s special program NCEP provides information and technical support so that your congregation can more easily improve stewardship of both your budget’s energy dollars and of the earth.

  These are just a few of the problems and techniques NCEP implements to help your school or school systems begin resource saving measures.  Contact us early and we can use our experience to tailor a plan for your facility and budget.

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