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Both our residential and commercial high-performance building analysis/audits focus on energy efficiency and we apply a whole-building systems approach that assesses a broad range of issues.  Our goals are to identify areas in need of improvement and to prioritize the concerns in a good/better/best scenario.  Further we want to insure that the building owner(s) understand the issues and how to best approach the solutions in order of priority.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The picture demonstrates the many places that air can enter or exit a home.  This is called infiltration and ex-filtration.  Uncontrolled air flow causes discomfort, draftiness, poor Indoor Air Quality and high energy bills.  Ideally, a building owner can contract an energy renovation professional to perform air sealing and institute ventilation to control air flow into the property.

All of our assessment work is performed by HERS Raters, who have undergone specialized building science and energy training coupled with rigorous testing to earn the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program. Most carry other certifications like LEED AP and NAHB CGP.

Blower door and Duct Blaster are two commonly used diagnostic tools in energy assessments and audits.

“A house cannot be too tight, only under ventilated”

The following building science issues are assessed and addressed in most audits/assessments:

  1. Building envelope analysis to detect

  2. air infiltration

  3. Lighting systems

  4. Water management and conservation

  5. Mechanical systems and duct leakage

  6. Indoor/environmental air quality (IAQ)

  1. Insulation integrity – gaps, voids and

  2. compression

  3. Comfort and Durability

  4. Plug load issues

  5. Occupant behavioral and use practices

  6. Windows and doors

  7. Other building/energy risk concerns

  1. Home Energy Analysis/Audit

  1. Home Energy Renovations

  1. Insulation integrity – gaps and voids

  1. Commercial Energy Assessments

  1. Green Building Certification – ENERGY   STAR™, LEED , NAHB Green Build

  1. Proposal and Contract Evaluation

  1. Expert Witness Services

  1. Homeowner Representation and Contractor Selection Advice

  1. Building construction advisory services

  1. Energy Project Coordination, Administration and Supervision

  1. Business Consulting and Training for Construction / Real Estate Companies

  1. Speakers Bureau – available for civic organizations, churches and school groups.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


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